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Quality and Freshness

DDIC Farms is a family owned farm production business dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality and freshest produce possible. Using sustainable farming practices, DDIC Farms is proud to bring the best of nature straight from their fields to your kitchen table.

Our Produce

At DDIC FARMS, we are more concerned about successful cultivation and harvesting of high-quality crops that meet the desired standards for yield, nutritional value, and marketability.

vegetable production

Vegetable Production

A service that provides a variety of farming services, from crop planning and planting to harvesting, storage and distribution.

Livestock farming

Livestock Farming

A service that helps farmers manage the health and nutrition of their livestock, including the development of feed and the maintenance of animal housing.


Experience the fresh and healthy taste of our sustainably grown farm produce, exported directly to your doorstep.

Our Story

Supply The Best Farm Products Since 2020

Since 2020, we have been committed to supplying the best farm products by utilizing sustainable and innovative farming practices to ensure the highest quality and nutritional value of our products.

Chemical Free

Our crop produce is grown using organic and natural methods, ensuring that it is chemical-free and safe for consumption.

Fresh & Healthy

We provide Fresh and healthy crops and essential nutrients useful for our bodies, support the environment, and contribute to sustainable food systems.

100% Organic

Our farm produce is 100% organic, grown without the use of harmful chemicals, for a healthier and more sustainable option.

Our Farm

The Home For Our Farm.
Natural. Sustainable.

Our Story

What People Say
About Us

"The farm's customer care service is exceptional, providing helpful and timely assistance to meet all customer needs." They never miss a call! Thank you for being an example of a good customer care system".
Austine Agboola
"DDIC farm is a farm to go to when in need of farm supplies. They consistently delivers fresh, high-quality products with excellent customer service."
Joan Nnamdi
Thank DDIC, I got my goods as at when due. The packaging was nice and easy to stock. I am looking forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thank you
Ronik Micheal

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